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Sifted - Heimdal on list of Startups to Watch

Heimdal was included in Sifted's list of startups to watch 2024.
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Heimdal was included on a list of promising startups to watch by Sifted, Europe's answer to TechCrunch, backed by the Financial Times.

Sifted comments:

The number of carbon removal systems out there is pretty small and, in the grand scheme of things, they don't capture very much. Critics also fear the technology risks giving big polluters a license to carry on as normal. But innovation is happening – and much of it is European. Can founders deliver on their miracle machines and methods? The next few years will be crucial to showing these technologies are viable and costs can comes down.

Heimdal is dedicated to being the company that brings the DAC sector from talk to action, Project Bantam is the very beginning.